We will not be accepting Non-profit donations till 2022 while building board of directors. We will still direct you to other climate change charities. See our no direct donations page or search google. Just remember, go with credited non-profits, do your research. Sorry for any inconveniences but giving to any non-profit is charitable. Thank you for helping ALL people and the planet!

Carbon emissions are real and destroying our planet. If we dont act now in 50 years the great lakes wont be there. It will be the great lake, and that's a fact.

We just wanna do our part so our grandchildren's grandchildren aren't living with a darker sky, limited breathing, and limited oxygen. 

The 3rd planet has a natural defense of plants. If we just stopped everything in 100 years the planet would heal. Everyone knows we cant do that. For the first time with Bidens clean energy bills we actually see a shift into clean energy with a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our custumer services teams are great.. Thank you for your kindness..